369 Manifestation Method - Techniques, Example - 100% Result Oriented

Wishful thinking may not get you places but the right manifestation technique sure can! Today, let’s discuss one of the many techniques of manifestation – ‘The 369-manifestation method’.

Never heard of it? You must be sleeping under a rock!

Every popular social media app be it Tiktok, Instagram, or even our old school Facebook is flooded with real people manifesting real things in their lives and sharing their experiences from around the world.

No! it's not some random witchcraft or black magic ritual and certainly, I am not here to include you in a cult.

It’s simply based on metaphysical aspects of life combined with The Law of Attraction and fine-tuning your energies to reverberate as one with your subconscious. Just a few simple steps when done in a disciplined manner can help you manifest that promotion you always wanted, the love you never had, or a healthy mind and body.

It works for all and the best part is - it is free!

If your goal is achievable (not unicorns and dragons I mean) and you are ready to do what it takes to reach that goal of yours this technique can do wonders for you.

Yes, you read it right! Manifestation only works if you are alongside working hard towards your manifested goal, otherwise, you are just wasting some paper and ink, I guess!

What is the need for manifestation if you will have to work, why not work and get there? Yes, that’s an alright route to take but where is the harm if you get a helping hand from the universe?

So, just sit back and read (Relax if you must!) to find out all about this trending technique and try to include it in your life to manifest bigger things you wish for!

Let’s dive right in… shall we?

What Is This 369-Manifestation Method and Why Is It So Damn Famous?

The 369 methods are based on repetition and imprinting. To do it right, all you need is to reiterate to your brain what your desire is and what you want. Repeating your goals or desires several times a day will imprint your subconscious brain to focus on your actual goals and in turn, you would focus more on tasks that will lead you to achieve these said goals.

The method involves you deciding your desired goal and coming up with an affirmation for it. Once that is done you need to write the affirmation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times the night.

You focus on one goal at a time, visualize it in your mind, and then write the affirmations in the present tense in a notebook.

The 369 Manifestation method is simply a way of reprograming your subconscious mind and eventually resetting it (like you would reset a computer) to reach a higher vibration.

Why only the numbers 3, 6, and 9, you ask?

These three numbers have significance, numerologically speaking. All three of them signify something such as:

  • 3 signifies our connection with the universe and creative self-expression

  • 6 symbolizes harmony as well as strength

  • And 9 represents letting go of what no longer serves us, a kind of a rebirth.

This method helps co-create with the universe. We are focusing on a positive thought or goal and visualizing it until it gets real for us.

We anyway unknowingly are filling our brains with negative thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “I am not good enough for this task” and make ourselves miserable.

Why not use this power of training our minds subconsciously with positive affirmations and getting closer to our goals?

Why 369 Manifestation Method Stands Out and What’s its Significance

Let’s talk about how Nicola Tesla also believed in the power of the numbers 3, 6, and 9. He thought that these numbers were divine and could help us unlock the universe’s secrets.

He not only understood the significance of these numbers and their impact on the universe but also believed that we could harness the power of these numbers if we could understand their importance.

Interesting right? When such a big scientist could believe that these numbers were important and powerful, we should give them a try.

The method also contrasts with “The Law of Attraction” which says, “Like attracts like”. This means if we need more positivity, we need to resonate our being with positive things and thoughts.

Let’s assume you have two choices today:

Option 1. You are surrounded by nature, among your loved ones enjoying yourself on a Sunday morning sipping some great coffee while enjoying the warmth of the sun.


Option 2. You are stuck somewhere dingy amongst shady strangers, judging you on every step you take making you uncomfortable.

Which one did you pick?

Now just recall what you felt when you were imagining yourself in these two situations while you were making that choice. The thoughts were different, right? You could almost feel the warmth in the first scenario and the judgy stares in the second one, isn’t it?

That’s why it is important to surround yourself with positivity so that your thoughts are also pleasant, and you can focus on clear outcomes and goals which in turn allows you to manifest bigger things.

How to Manifest Using The 369 Method – Steps and Examples

So far, we have discussed the method and you now have a fair share of idea as to how to do it. But feeling lost when doing any practice for the first time is only human.

Don’t worry, let’s do this together!

If you are an absolute fresher, knowing where to start is the key for you.

Begin with smaller goals, such as “I want to have more friends”. Starting with smaller goals will help you set up your rhythm and once you achieve your desired result you will feel more comfortable doing the ritual frequently.

Remember, it takes around 45 days for the technique to work, it could be less or more depending upon your goals. Be patient with yourself and the universe.

The method is not that difficult to follow, the only issue people face is when they don’t receive the desired result, they abandon the process and feel disheartened. But that is not how the universe works. It takes time to achieve greater things.

Once you are all clear about the goal you want to achieve, the next move is to follow the method step-by-step and be consistent.

Manifest your Way to Life: Achieve What you Want!

Here is a list of all the steps for your convenience:

1.Take a notebook that should only be dedicated to this task and a pen you like the most, any ink color would work.

2.Isolate your thoughts and focus on that one goal you need to achieve. You need to be in line with your thoughts and believe within yourself that you can achieve this.

3.Write down the goal on the paper 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times the night each day.

4.Just writing it casually would not work, you need to dedicate some time to each session (morning, afternoon, and night) meditating and focusing on the said goal for at least a few seconds.

5..As you write these sentences, try to imagine how your life would be if it already happened. Visualizing your goal while practicing this method is the best way to go.

6.Wishes must always be written positive, and avoid including any negative words such as: don’t, not, never, etc. For example, if you want to get healthier, write “I want to be healthy” and so on.

7.Lastly, keep working hard, and don’t let procrastination or negativity get in your way.

If you are ready to invest yourself to achieve your heart’s desire, the method can surely help you propel faster and in the right direction.

Let’s understand the method more clearly with an example.

Goal: I Want to Be More Economically Stable

In the morning, ill write in my notebook 3 times any of these affirmations about this specific goal that could be framed as follows:

  • Thank you, the universe, I feel financially independent now

  • I earn enough to live a happy life

  • I am financially stable and take care of my needs better now

  • I can buy the things that I always needed

  • I intend to be more financially stable

  • I am stable financially and I can build a beautiful life for myself and so on…

In the afternoon, ill repeat the exercise and write the affirmations 6 times the key is to maintain the same energy and the same visualization throughout and then again 9 times in the night. This must be continued for 45 days or until you receive your desired result.

369 Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation and Visualization: The Key to Greater Good

Different Manifestation Methods

There is no one type fits all method when it comes to manifestation, it all depends on you and your goals. You are the power that is fueling these methods with your energies and visualization.

The 369 method is not your cup of tea? There are plenty of other methods for you to explore.

Care to explore some of the most famous and easy manifestation techniques? Here you go:

Pillow method manifestation: It is one of the most effective and easiest methods for people looking to manifest. The method involves people setting an intention and then writing it down on a piece of paper. The next step is to keep the paper under your pillow and as you sleep visualize your desired reality that is your goal.

Repeating affirmation could also be practiced to enhance the effect. The mind needs to be at peace before starting this practice as an anxious mind won’t be able to focus much. The method is beginner friendly and can be performed by anyone and everyone.

Script Manifestation Method: This technique is for people who have trouble visualizing their desires. With this method, you can easily manifest with the power of words. You script or write down your goals, be it in a notebook or an app on your phone. The key is to believe that it can happen and use present tense, write it as if it is already happening to you.

The Silva Meditation Technique: The technique focuses on giving you relaxation and increased brain functioning. Designed by Jose Silva the technique uses meditation and visualization to improve the ability of your mind so that you can cope with worldly situations better. It is said to help treat insomnia, control energy levels, improve healing rates, and much more. The method focuses on three principles: the Alpha and Theta states of mind, the Power of healing imagery, and the Desire to Believe and Expect the Thought Process.

The method involves you sitting in a comfortable position with closed eyes, and taking deep breaths while visualizing numbers in a set pattern with the help of a guide. The method helps you program your mind to focus on positive thoughts and desires.

Whisper Method Manifesting: This method is fairly new and is trending on TikTok for a long. The method claims to bring your wants and desires associated with a specific person into reality. It is fairly famous and thousands of people around the globe are claiming to have benefitted from it.

To manifest using this method you need to think about what you want, associate it with a specific person of your choice, and visualize yourself whispering your needs into their ears. The method utilizes the law of attraction and intention setting side by side. The key is to be specific and visualize on a higher level.

These were a few of the alternative methods for manifestation that can help you achieve your goals.

The main purpose is to get manifesting, no matter which method you choose. Using the power of visualization and clear intention is going to help you achieve your desired reality faster. The odds of this working are pretty high if you believe in yourself and the goal.